Ruth Hogan – Author

I have been interviewed by Nancy for her radio show and at a literary festival, and both times it has been an absolute joy. Nancy makes it look easy, and is brilliant at putting her guests at ease and getting them to open up. It feels more like having a chat with a mate! But this is because she does her research and preparation so thoroughly and has such a passion for the arts. Nancy – you rock!

Ruth Hogan

Lucy Cuthbertson – Artistic Director of Stantonbury Theatre

“What an amazing advocate for Milton Keynes arts Nancy is ! With her brilliant radio programme and marvellously effective interviewing & reviewing skills, she covers the whole of our arts scene with equal respect & enthusiasm, giving a voice to all artists: amateur, community and professional both visiting & homegrown.”

Lucy Cuthbertson – Artistic Director of Stantonbury Theatre

Hugh Fraser – Actor and Author

“Nancy Stevens is an excellent radio presenter. When she invited me to join her on her Arts programme for Secklow Sounds I was a little concerned that we might run out of things to talk about over the two hour duration of the show. I need not have worried – Nancy’s engaging manner, vibrant sense of humour and fascination with the Arts in general, together with the depth of her meticulous research and preparation for our talk, made for a most enjoyable and interesting discussion, interspersed with extremely well chosen music that complimented our exchanges. I couldn’t have wished for a more entertaining and charismatic host”

Hugh Fraser, Actor and Author

Chris Gregg – Founder and Former Director, MKFM

“Nancy has been a major asset to MKFM since she joined the radio station to present the weekly flagship local arts show. She has always gone far beyond what was expected of her, putting a great deal of time and effort into sourcing guests, preparing and researching for each interview, and this comes across on air. She is highly professional with great attention to detail and has a genuine passion for the arts which is apparent to anyone listening to her well informed programmes. Broadcasters like Nancy are rare and I am sure it’s just a matter of time before she has the opportunity to make the move to a more prominent station.”

Chris Gregg, Founder and Former Director, MKFM

Nik Arkham – Director of Phoenix Arts, Author and Playwright

“Nancy Stevens – The Award-Winning ‘Voice of the Arts’ for our region – is a unique talent. Happy to interview acclaimed, world-renowned performers and local artists with the same professionalism and genuine interest, Nancy (and her weekly radio programme) is quietly essential for Arts news and networking in this part of the UK. Anyone with the slightest interest or involvement with the arts should listen to Stevens on Sunday, which is fascinating, funny and diverse, all gilded with Nancy’s trademark warmth, charm and style. Outstanding broadcaster and multi-faceted talent.”

Nik Arkham, Director of Phoenix Arts, Author and Playwright

Francesco Scarito – Songwriter, Playwright and Filmmaker

“It’s a real pleasure to be interviewed by Nancy Stevens on her radio show. She has a natural ability to make her guests relax, open up about what makes them tick, talk about what they do and why they do it, and to simply enjoy themselves on air while talking about their passions.”

Francesco Scarito, Songwriter, Playwright and Filmmaker

Gordon Tant – Commercial Photographer

“I worked with Nancy when she covered the Ampthill Literary Festival, she is the consummate professional.”

Gordon Tant, Commercial Photographer

Carole Matthews – Sunday Times Bestselling Author

“I always love going on Nancy’s show. We not only have great fun, but she does her research really thoroughly and makes sure her guests feel special.”

Carole Matthews, Sunday Times Bestselling Author

Rachel Lewis – Co-founder and Chair of Amphill Literary Festival

“Nancy has interviewed all the big-name guests at Ampthill Literary Festival, but she showed her real star quality by stepping in to helm a live, 90 minute interview with Steven Berkoff, with ten minutes notice. Nancy was brilliantly polished and unflappable with one of the world’s biggest and most unpredictable artists.”

Rachel Lewis, Co-founder and Chair of Amphill Literary Festival

Peter Laws – Bestselling Author

“I was a guest on Nancy’s show recently, and it was a delight. She’s great at putting guests at ease and is a gifted interviewer. Her fun and enthusiasm makes for a great show, but she’s thoughtful too, bringing out fascinating topics during interview. A real pro”.

Peter Laws, Bestselling Author
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